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Soma Medicinals

Lunar Bath Bomb



50mg of our 99% pure extracted CBD Isolate blended in with lavender and magnesium providing a synergistic effect, delivering you the most soothing, relaxing bath.

Our CBD bath bombs do not enter the bloodstream although this topical application allows the CBD to reach the upper layers of the skin where large concentrations of cannabinoid receptors are found. 
From there, the CBD can produce anti-inflammatory effects, ease physical discomfort, reduce stress and provide general relaxation which as a bonus supports your mental health.

+ 99% CBD Isolate, magnesium, sweet almond oil, bicarb soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, SLSA, polysorbate-80, mica colorants, lavender and made with love!

Each bathbomb batch is handmade so colour variations may occur.